It is a pleasure for us to announce the organization of the To.ScAl’And Workshop in Granada, Spain, September 20th – 24th, 2021, which we intend to be held in presence. This event belongs to a series of Schools, originally held in Como, Italy, jointly organized by the To.Sca.Lab., the University of Insubria and the Italian CNR.

ToScAl’And intends to offer an extended overview on theory, experiments and modeling of Scattering Techniques, from X-ray to visible light, aiming at a comprehensive, multiple length scale investigation of engineered nanomaterials and nanostructures towards their advanced applications. The event is open to scholars and scientists in any area related to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and it is especially addressed to PhD students, postdocs and young researchers.

In collaboration with colleagues from the University of Granada, the 2021 edition will be held in Southern Spain, and details on the scientific program and organizational aspects are fully provided in the dedicated website

Due to the generous contributions of Institutional Bodies and Commercial Sponsors, a number of young attendees will benefit from financial support, to foster their participation. Details on how to apply, and register, can be found on the To.ScAl’And website.

Please do your best in disseminating this information through mailing lists, social media, personal contacts, etc., helping us to spread the information to all interested applicants. Note that, for logistic and safety reasons, the number of attendees will be strictly limited to 40.

The organizers:

J.A.R. Navarro (University of Granada), A. Guagliardi (IC-CNR), N. Masciocchi (Unversity of Insubria)